1.  Delegate Tyler has brought true political power to Southside VA.  For the first time in over 20 years Southside has a delegate with seniority and Committee positioning bringing real power to our area.  Delegate Tyler is the chairman of the Education committee and serves on the Appropriations and Agriculture Committees as well as the Compensation, Commerce, Transportation and Public Safety sub-committees.  Most importantly, she is one of only 6 State-wide delegates of the Conferee Committee, resolving budget disputes between our House and Senate.

2.  Delegate Tyler's seniority and committee positioning brings real benefits to our area.  As just one example, Delegate Tyler was able to get $2.2 mil. funding to replace/upgrade Paul D. Camp Community College's heating and air conditioning system. 

3.  Delegate Tyler does not vote a 'straight' Democratic agenda.  Two years ago the Democrats in Northern VA proposed a bill which would have significantly limited deer and rabbit hunting.  Delegate Tyler convinced 6 other Democrats to 'break ranks' and the measure died by one vote.  This past year, Delegate Tyler was able to keep the measure from even getting to the floor.  Whether or not you are a hunter, this illustrates that Delegate Tyler will advocate for our LOCAL interests above any political party agenda. 

Tired of all the political power being in Northern Virginia?  Then keep it here.  Re-elect Roslyn Tyler. 

Rick Francis

Boykins, VA