In response to Dogwood Auditorium event

I am writing in response to the article titled: “SSHD Encourages Individuals to Quarantine After an Event at Dogwood Auditorium” published to your newspaper on November 11, 2020. Although the quarantine is warranted, it has repercussions in regards to a person’s state of mind. Being locked in solitude for extended periods of time can weigh on a person’s mental health, in terms of making one happier. Being away from human interaction can incite stagnant behaviors in the human brain -- affecting many processes like work habits, eating habits, sleeping habits, and even hygiene. Another problem with quarantine is financial stability. People often deal with great anxiety when it comes to their financial stability -- not being able to work adds more anxiety -- and this is likely to cause an unhealthy mental strain. I am also failing to mention the strain that is on many people’s mind: fear of the virus. Many are scared of COVID-19 due to its massive death rate. This creates the toxic feeling, paranoia. From the first mention of the virus, it has brought so much paranoia to the surface. If one must quarantine, it enhances the paranoia because they feel like there may be something wrong with them or that they have not done enough to prevent the virus. I believe that quarantine is needed for someone who is positive for the virus, but I think that as a population, we need to reconsider the physical and mental toll it has taken on everyone.

Chance Melton