3 for 3 is absolutely unbelievable for me

This is embarrassing! I can't believe it. I have already been told that they had better not read about this in my column. But what can I say except that the Devil made me do it. What is all the fuss about, anyway. Well, for the third straight time my horse finished in the “money”. And, in each of the three races it was a blind, lucky draw. 

The first race was the Kentucky Derby and my horse finished in the winner's circle. I couldn't help but celebrate, but then was concerned Sunday when I read that my horse was under suspicion when they found a banned substance in a post race inspection.

Later, my horse and its trainer were cleared. Hooray! And Barbara and I were $45 richer. But, wait, a week later there was the running of The Preakness and this time my horse placed second. This time there were no problems, and Barbara and I were $40 richer.

Okay, two times a winner and I am thinking that I will be lucky if my horse doesn't come in last. Okay, so I can't explain it. This past Saturday evening it was the running of The Belmont Stakes and again my horse finished second, and Barbara and I were $40 richer. And that, my readers, makes us up $125 for the three races. But wait. There are suggestions of a post race test on the lucky ticket holder. However, there were no problems in this suggestion. In fact, no banned substance, only a trace of too much wine.

And, as my usual parting shot for this pandemic in which we find ourselves: Stay Happy! … Stay Healthy! ... But most importantly, let us continue to PRAY, every day.

Now, let's take a look at some happenings of years gone by: 

1931 –Mr. R. D. Cook was elected Mayor of La Crosse. L. C. Moseley, L. R. Rash, J. B. Cook, F. M. Winckler, J. R. Matthews and H. M. Tanner were all re-elected to Town Council.

George Radcliffe and Luby Smith tied for the South Hill Mayor's position with 90 votes each. The Mecklenburg County Commissioner will draw the tie breaker. W. R. Wartman and F. E. Bobbitt were elected to South Hill Town Council: while four members were re-elected: J. S. Dortch, I. T. Nanny, S. P. Anderson and J. H. Crowder.

Mr. W. B. Kirkland was appointed Justice of the Peace for the La Crosse Magisterial District.

The Hamlet Brothers, Burgess  and Ernest, proprietors of Curtis Tea Room, have been selected to manage the East Coast Stages.

1941 – Meredith C. Dortch was elected Mayor of South Hill. W. E. Jolly and J. Lawrence Crowder were newly elected to South Hill Town Council.  Re-elected were C. W. Cleaton, L. B. Smith, C.E. Vassar and F. E. Watkins.

The South Hill Tobacconist defeated Dolphin 7-5. Woodrow Evans, Coleman Allen and Earle Warren, each had a home run. Woodrow Evans was the winning pitcher.

1951 – Incumbent South Hill Mayor C. G. Butts was re-elected for another term. Elected to Town Council were A. W. Jeffreys, C. H. Crowder, C. H. Moseley, F. E. Watkins and W. L. Farrar.

Harry S. Montgomery Jr. of South Hill received the degree of Bachelor of Laws at the University of Virginia.

Dr. James Lee Northington of La Crosse received the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He will intern at a hospital in St. Louis, Mo.

CWO Perry T. Justice of Union Level was serving as Administrative Officer of IX Corps' and Finance Disbursing Unit on the Central Korean Front.

The South Hill Twins broke a 2-2 tie in the eight inning with a 2-run double by Roy Paulette that scored Bill Hamlin and Wiley Warren for a 4-2 win over South Boston. Jimmie Brooks got the win on the mound, giving up six singles. 

1961 – Mayor Frank D. Harris was re-elected in South Hill. Also re-elected were all six Town Council members – W. L. Farrar, W. H. C. Walker, C. H. Moseley, J. C. Oakley and G. L. Smith.

Charlie W. Moseley was elected as the new Mayor of La Crosse. Elected to Town Council were C. D. Jones, E. D. Nash, E. E. Evans, R. D. Cook, R. G. Waters and R. L. Reese.

The Rev. Robert D. Burch of West Virginia accepted the position as Pastor of the South Hill Presbyterian Church.

Farmers Warehouse in South Hill was sold at auction with E. R. Thompson as the purchaser. He had been a part owner of a warehouse since 1955.

Mr. H. F. Davis was elected Chief of the Brodnax Volunteer Fire Department.

1971 – Specialist 4 John Clayton Paynter of South Hill was promoted to Sp. 5 while serving in Phu Bai, Vietnam.

Technical Sergeant Wayne S. Valentine of Bracey was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service while engaged in Military Operations against Viet Cong Forces.

Chipper Watson of the South Hill Country Club won the Tanglewood Shores Invitational Golf Tournament by six strokes over his uncle, Charlie Watson. Chipper shot scores of 76-74 – 150.

1981 – Delegate Lewis W. Parker Jr. of South Hill was elected Chairman of the State Water Study Commission.

Mrs.  Robin Morris was installed as President of the South Hill Junior Woman's Club.  Mrs. Morris also was named Outstanding Young Woman of the Year. Mr. Robert Thomas was presented the Community Service Award by the club members.

Mrs. Jackie Stephens was chosen as the “Teacher of the Year” of Ebony Assembly of God.

Chipper Watson won his fifth South Hill Country Club Invitational Golf Tournament with a three-stroke victory over Ronnie Tatum.

1991 – The South Hill Railroad Depot Museum and Southside Museum of Natural History held an Open House to dedicate the WB&A Model Railroad at the Chamber of Commerce Offices. Present were Mr. Pete MaDan of Sumpter, S. C. who donated the model railroad to South Hill and Mrs. Phyllis MaDan.

Katherine Van Deventer was installed as Honored Queen of South Hill Bethel No. 63, International Order of Job's Daughters.

2001 – Michael Weston was named Valedictorian and Kathryn Hite was Salutatorian of the Park View Graduation Class.

Mrs. Ann Clary was appointed by the Brunswick County School Board as Supervisor of Transportation.

Brunswick Academy's Novice Forensics Team won First Place for the highest number of quality points at the Upper School Forensics Competition held at Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot.

The Brunswick County School Board Selection Commission re-elected Rebecca Akers to represent the Totaro District and Gregory Hand to represent the Meherrin District.

2011 – Dan Ward resigned as Headmaster of Brunswick Academy after serving for two years in order to pursue his career goals.

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