From the Desk of Senator Ruff: Vote Your Values

     My belief is in you!  I believe that you are smart and understand your values.  Therefore, I trust that you will vote for the candidates that best match your core values.  However, knowing the values of candidates can sometimes be a challenge.

     Some candidates will tell one crowd one thing and another group something else.  That is particularly true when a candidate in running in a primary and then must adjust to sound more mainstream in the general election.

     Perfect examples can be seen with Terry McAuliffe and Delegate Ayala.  McAuliffe assured primary voters that he would sign into law that employees would be forced to join a union as a requirement to keep their job if the majority of the business’s employees want to unionize.  Since that time, after many business leaders and economic developers expressed alarm and concern, he has tried to avoid reporters asking about that position.  Delegate Ayala, over her three years in the House of Delegates, has been very proud of her heritage of being half Latino and half Caucasian.  After former Delegate Winsome Sears, who is black, was nominated for Lt. Governor by the Republican Party, Ayala changed her heritage.  Now Ayala claims that she is one quarter Latino, one quarter Irish, one quarter Lebanese, and one quarter black, just to cover all the bases.

Looking At Values

     A better way to consider the values of candidates might well be to look to those that are supporting them.  McAuliffe’s campaign has received over $10 million in contributions from labor unions, zero to Youngkin.

     While the Democrats in the General Assembly have done everything possible to undermine and demoralize law enforcement, many more Virginians now understand the need to be able to protect their families.  They are buying firearms and obtaining training in greater numbers as they see more violent crimes in their communities.  McAuliffe tells us that is pointless; the state should continue to make it harder to protect your family.  Gun controller Michael Bloomberg alone has contributed half a million dollars to McAuliffe, zero to Youngkin.  Meanwhile, Youngkin has the support of law enforcement officers who are out every day risking their lives to protect ours.  While McAuliffe’s appointees on the parole board were busy releasing rapists and murderers into our communities without any notification to victim’s families or officers, Youngkin has been assuring Virginians he will appoint a parole board that understands public safety.

     Education has been a volatile issue in this election.  Youngkin has come down on the side of parents, students, and teachers while McAuliffe has questioned the rights of parents to have any meaningful say in the education of their children.  Instead he stands with the unions.  They have weighed in with one million dollars in contributions, zero to Youngkin.

     Another issue has been of interest since Governor Northam said there is no difference between late term abortion and allowing a baby to die after delivery.  Virginians differ on the issue of abortion; however, few believe that late term abortion is needed or moral.  Yet the Democrats keep pushing Virginia’s laws beyond almost every state and country in the world.  Planned Parenthood groups have contributed 2.2 million to McAuliffe, zero to Youngkin.

     So called environmentalists who want to end the use of fossil fuels in the Commonwealth, no matter the costs to Virginians, are strongly supportive of McAuliffe.  While our drivers are watching gasoline and home heating oil skyrocket, rises on electricity will soon follow.  Potential new employers that have the option of which state to expand in are watching.  They will increasingly decide to build and hire elsewhere.  The pseudo environmentalists have given McAuliffe almost $5 million.  Youngkin understands there must be a balance between jobs and the other issues of life that are ignored by these interests.  He understands that the true environmentalists are property owners such as farmers who love the land.

     Clearly, there is a difference between the candidates.  It is our responsibility to look beyond the commercials and focus on the values of those running for office.  One last point, I know several people that either have gone to church with the Youngkin family or know of their faith through their church work.  I have never had anyone speak of this about his opponent.

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