From the Desk of Senator Ruff: A Better Balanced Virginia

The results of last Tuesday’s election should give all commonsense Virginians confidence that Virginia has returned to a more a sane Commonwealth.  For the last two years, too many Virginians were duped into believing that liberalism had taken over the mindset of all of those involved in Virginia’s government.  As many of us had suspected, this was a false facade.  The election proved that.  In the previous two elections, many new delegates and senators won as a negative reaction to the Trump presidency.  They were vocal, and with the assistance of the liberal Washington Post and other news sources, they successfully spun the media’s attention toward national issues and away from traditional state issues.

     Their newfound power, and with the media fawning over these new state representatives, led many to believe that their positions were the new mainstream.  The election proved that normal family and work oriented Virginians did not approve of many of the policy changes made in the last two years.  The voters understood that state government should be focused on those issues that affect their lives on a day-to-day basis.  Such things as the safety of their family at home, on the street, and in our schools.  Similarly, our schools should focus on serious quality education rather than social engineering.

Election Takeaways

     We learned that the media wants greater non-white officials elected unless they think for themselves.  MSNBC’s Joy Reid verbally attacked Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears for her conservative values.  Sears ran not on her race but rather on values.  She ran as a pro-citizenship, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment rights, faith driven candidate.  These are positions that most all races support.  However, because the liberal media does not, Reid believes she and her television network should attack Sears.  She invited a guest to help attack Sears.  Michael Eric Dyson claimed that Republicans were successful because of “white” hate and that Sears is not, in fact, truly black.

     Oddly, they were silent on the election of Jason Miyares, who is of Cuban decent, over a white liberal Democrat.  They completely ignored that he was the first Hispanic to win statewide in Virginia.  Because he ran as a Republican on his values, they had nothing to say.

     Similarly, because the Democrat Party believes they own all minorities, they were shocked that a majority of Hispanic Virginians voted Republican.

     Former Governor Terry McAuliffe believed he did not need to worry about or even talk to the voters of rural Virginia.  Meanwhile, Glenn Youngkin and his running mates focused on all parts of the state.  He understood that every vote counts and adds up on election night.

     McAuliffe believed that he could run against President Trump and offer no ideas for a better Virginia.  Youngkin understood voters wanted to hear a positive message about our future.


     McAuliffe mistakenly believed that the teacher’s union and the PTAs would deliver those voters that are most interested in schools.  What the voters decided, however, was that classroom education should focus on fair and equal quality education.  They resented that bureaucrats were pushing down to classroom teachers policy that pitted races against each other.

     McAuliffe mistakenly confused the need for vaccinations with mandates.  He believed that Virginians wanted mandated COVID vaccination.  Not true!  While most people want to be vaccinated, Youngkin and most voters believed educating people of the value of vaccination would be more effective.  Each individual’s situation and rights should be taken into consideration, and any concerns should be discussed with one’s healthcare provider.

     COVID is a major risk.  Despite what some believe, the vaccine does not prevent an individual from carrying the virus.  It reduces the deadliness of the virus, but risks still exist from both COVID and the vaccine for some.

     McAuliffe did not understand, that with modern communication, no longer can a politician tell one group one thing and another group a completely different story.  When running in the Democrat primary, he said he would sign legislation that would remove Virginians right to work without joining a union.  While raking in millions of dollars in union donations, he tried to cloud businesses about his position.

     McAuliffe, as Governor, was more focused on releasing prisoners rather than the safety of Virginians.  Law enforcement officers all around the state pointed this out.  Virginians agreed with them.

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