Dominion Power Smart Meter Installation

Dear Editor,

This past week Dominion Power sent out a bulk mailing to its customers in the area about the crews that will be coming around installing their new “Smart Meters” in the area. The flier said the “Smart Meters will work hard for you”. There are numerous things it did not say, for example: 

  • These are “Radiation Performance Devices” that are supposed to labeled as such but are not. In fact, no warning or option is readily given to the homeowner or residents to be exposed to this radiation, even though the radiation is greater than a microwave oven or equivalent to 35 cell phones, yet still no warning is given. Please let this letter serve as the health hazard warning Dominion will not give.
  • The radiation from these meters is emitted almost constantly, and they ad high frequency kilohertz band electromagnetic radiation to homes on which they are installed. Is your meter near any area in your home where you spend time?
  • The effects of this radiation are immediate for those with medical difficulties and subtle and cumulative for everyone else. It is projected that there will be millions of people who from chronic illness and life-threatening diseases caused by these devices given exposure over time. If you have a pacemaker, you are not required to have a microwave, but apparently as far as Dominion is concerned you are required to have their dangerous “Radiation Performance Device”.
  • “Smart Meters” are 5G information gathering devices, most likely made in China and running Chinese software. They are sending volumes of data back to Dominion and who knows who else so they can sell it or raise your electric rates based on your usage. Why does Dominion need to know when you are on Wi-Fi, who is home, where you go on the internet, what your cell phone and blue tooth activity is, and so on and so forth? Why do they need this info sent to their new billion-dollar headquarters in bursts of electromagnetic data sent out as often as several times a minute?
  • “Smart Meters” cost about five hundred dollars each. The Virginia State Corporation Commission has told Dominion that the $752 Million they want to spend on this over the next ten years did not make sense for their customers, yet Dominion is apparently ignoring full speed ahead anyway. Who do you think will pay for this?
  • Virginia OSHA refuses to regulate Dominion regarding installation of these “Smart Meters” creating a dangerous environment for the subcontractors who do the installations. Apparently, subcontractors are used because Dominion will not let their crews swap hot energized meters for safety reasons.
  • Hundreds of communities have banned these “Smart Meters” for these and other reasons. Why don’t we? If Dominion cared about their customers and you wanted to be monitored like this you should have to knowingly opt in, not figure out how to opt out because you were not informed of the dangers.

I wrote Dominion a certified letter today telling them that these “Smart Meters” are not allowed on my property. I also wrote my local officials asking them for a ban and asking them to be sure the cost for this and Dominion’s other unjustified pie in the sky projects is paid for by their stockholders and not their customers. You may want to consider doing the same.

Dominion does not need to know my personal info so they can charge me for cooking dinner at dinnertime or taking a shower in the morning and they sure do not need to gather volumes of other real time and very personal data to sell or trade for profit. Keep that in mind when you get your fancy new meter that “will work hard for you” and watch what happens.

Kind regards,

John Janson