The Poet's Haven by Oshun the Poet

Foreword: We often get caught up in the positions we have in life. It can be hard to decipher when it is time to grow when we’re comfortable where we’re at because with growth comes change. People don’t always adapt to change so well because it can get uncomfortable although it can be rewarding. Take your time and move at your own pace but don’t remain stagnant. You are either a caterpillar, cocooning, or emerging as a butterfly embrace all of those stages yet always push forward. 

The Cocoon 

I need to go 

But I wanna stay 

Wrapped up in my cocoon 

Hidden away, 

anticipating- one day-

I can fly in sunlit rays.

-  Nader Qamhiyeh, Atlanta, GA

(Butterfly:Poems by Nader Qamhiyeh that can be found on Amazon)

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