Dear Editor,

There is a simple way to stop all the power outages when there are storms or ice events. Double the present right of way width and no trees will be able to hit the poles or the wire. A bold move but it will fix the problem.

Also, why doesn’t the state of Virginia cut the trees on Interstate 85 from the state line to Petersburg? Are they getting any younger? Look at the cost of guardrail replacement and the accidents caused by trees. It also increases the volume of calls the fire departments and rescue squads have to respond to. Is it going to take someone losing their life to acknowledge that if the trees were not there, the problem would not exist anymore? Look at the revenue the trees would bring to the state.

The state of Virginia complains there is never any money to get things done. Why don’t they legalize eight letter-personalized license plates? Lots of people would jump at the opportunity to get one of the plates if they wanted it to be eight letters long.

Steve Moore

Retired Vepco Auger Operator

Union Level