(With Park View High School slated to merge with Bluestone HS to form the new Mecklenburg County HS in 2022, the South Hill Enterprise is running an ongoing series that looks back at some of the outstanding athletes and coaches and their stories through the years. This is story No. 18 in the series.)

There have been 12 varsity football head coaches in the 65-year history of Park View High School.

Harold Wise was the skipper of Park View’s first varsity football team that went 5-3-1 in 1955.

The Dragons won its school opener on September 16, 1955 by topping Randolph-Henry HS in a defensive battle, 6-0.

Wise, a legendary high-school mentor, coached the Dragons for 17 seasons and compiled a 96-59-9 record. His best season came in 1956 when the Dragons went 8-1-1. Park View compiled an 8-2 record in his final season in 1971, earning a share of the Southside District title.

“He was a very savvy coach,” said retired South-Hill Enterprise editor Frank Nanney, Jr, who also covered high-school sports during the period. “He was an outstanding leader on the coaching staff. I had a very good relationship with him.”

Nanney said that when Wise started the program at Park View, he had very little talent moving over from South Hill High School or La Crosse High School, which did not field a football program.

“They had very little training,” Nanney said. “(Wise) got them working together and they started winning.”

Pat Wise, Harold’s son, who coached the Dragons in 1979, said in an interview that season that his father always put his heart and soul into the program.

“He used to come home whistling when he lost,” said Pat Wise. “He whistled to keep from crying.”

Eddie Crowder succeeded Wise in 1972 and coached the Dragons for four seasons. His best record came in his third year when Park View went 9-1. The Dragons finished as the Southside District co-champions in 1972 and as district champions in 1973,

Randy Richardson followed Crowder, taking over in 1976 and coached for three seasons while Pat Wise coached the Dragons in 1979.

Dewey Windham came to Park View in 1980 and coached for five seasons, compiling an 8-2 mark in 1981 when the Dragons won the Southside District title.

Wade Crutchfield took over the reins in 1986 and coached for seven seasons during his first stint as skipper, compiling an 8-3 mark in 1990.

Richard Byrd and Tom Swoap followed Crutchfield, as each coached for two seasons, before Crutchfield returned to the helm and coached from 1997-2004. He finished his career with the second-most wins and a 65-83-0 record.

Waverly Jackson coached the Dragons from 2005-2008, earning a 9-3 mark in 2006 when the Dragons advanced to the regional title game.

Doug Allison coached Park View from 2009-2012, earning a district title in 2011 and taking the Dragons to the regional championship game in 2012 when the local team compiled a 10-3 mark.

Kelvin Hutcheson followed Allison and led the squad for five seasons, compiling a 34-19      record and a 9-2 campaign in 2016.

Tony Whittingham, Jr., took over the Park View program in 2018 and led the Dragons to an 8-3 season and a Tri-Rivers District title. He compiled a 13-8 record in his first two seasons.

The most points the Dragons scored in a game and the biggest margin of victory was an 83-0 win over Windsor HS on November 14, 2016.

The most points Park View ever allowed to an opponent and the biggest margin of defeat was a 66-6 lost to Powhatan HS on November 3, 2006.

Park View’s overall record from 1955 through the 2019 season is 319-317-17.

Park View Football Head Coaching History

YearsCoachNo. SeasonsW-LBest Record

1955-1971 Harold Wise           1796-59-98-1-1  (1956)

1972-1975 Eddie Crowder       426-10-39-1-0  (1974)

1976-1978 Randy Richardson  36-22-23-6-1 (1977)

1979          Pat Wise               13-6-13-6-1 (1979)

1980-1985 Dewey Windham    5-22-37-28-2-0 (1981)

1986-1992 Wade Crutchfield    7Contd.8-3-0 (1990)

1993-1994 Richard Byrd          25-15-03-7-0 (1993)

1995-1996 Tom Swoap            21-19-01-9-0 (1996)

1997-2004 Wade Crutchfield    8 (15) 65-83-07-3-0 (1998)

2005-2008 Waverly Jackson 4  21-21-09-3-0 (2006)

2009-2012 Doug Allison 4        27-18-010-3-0 (2012)

2013-2017 Kelvin Hutcheson 5 34-19-09-2-0 (2016)

2018-Present Tony Whittingham, Jr. 213-8-08-3-0 (2018)