Dr D Sports: NFHSA Updates Prep Guidance

The National Federation of State High Schools Association recently announced a revision to its guidelines on prep sports during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new guidelines, which are based on evaluating schools participating in sports during the pandemic, say that community infection rates are a better gauge to determine transmission of illness during athletic events rather than categorizing sports into high, medium or low risk. The organization said the most recent data shows transmission is relatively rare during athletic events.

The NFHSA guidance states that as, “knowledge of the virus that causes COVID-19 has evolved, we have increasingly recognized that transmission depends upon multiple factors that cannot be easily accounted for by simply dividing sports into three categories of risk.”

The NFHSA said their data shows infection rates in non-contact sports are lower than those in contact sports while outdoor sports have a much lower infection rate than indoor sports. The organization said the data shows that the use of face masks during indoor events produces similar transmission rates to outdoor sports.

The organization also said evidence reveals most sports-related COVID cases come from social contact rather than through participation. The report said social distancing, use of masks, staying home when ill and proper hygiene must continue to be emphasized in the locker room, on the field and while traveling, dining, and interacting in the community.


Big Week in ACC Hoops


The ACC basketball wars are heating up and there are some big games on the horizon.

The Virginia Cavaliers, the 2019 National Champions, improved to 11-1 in the conference with a 60-48 win over UNC (7-5) at home on Saturday night.

Since the lopsided loss against top-ranked Gonzaga earlier this season, Virginia’s vaulted defense has been much improved led by Sam Hauser, Jay Huff and point guard Kihei Clark.

The road for the conference leaders will only get tougher as the Hoos were scheduled to play at Florida State (7-2) on Monday night and at Duke (6-6) on Saturday.

Virginia Tech (8-3) meanwhile was scheduled to play at North Carolina on Tuesday night and then travel to Florida State on Saturday.

Louisville (6-3) meanwhile is scheduled to entertain Syracuse (6-5) on Wednesday and travel to Chapel Hill for a contest against UNC on Saturday.

This week will go a long way in determining the regular season champion as ACC teams begin jockeying for seeding position in the NCAA tournament.