PV Tops Bluestone, 6-3

Megan Fuller had a good evening in goal for Park View in the Lady Dragons’ 6-3 win over Bluestone HS. (Dennis Smith)

The Park View High School girls’ soccer team picked up its first win of the season with a 6-3 victory over Bluestone HS last week.

The victory improved the Lady Dragons to 1-3-1 on the season.

Park View took advantage of a penalty kick from Kaitlyn Campbell late in the first half to take a 3-2 lead to the halftime break.

Isabel Cranford recorded a hat trick with three goals in the win for Park View while Alice Gonzalez-Sanchez and Ah’myah Hicks both scored their first goals of the season.

“Bluestone really pushed us hard,” said Park View coach Josh Carroll. “My girls played the way that Coach Soyars and I have asked them to play all season. Every single girl did the job they set out to do. Goalie Megan Fuller was one of our players of the game for her outstanding performance. Senior Meredith Mosier was the second player of the game. Even though Meredith did not score, she played more than anyone else and played a very well-rounded game.”

The Lady Dragons will play host to Prince Edward HS on Thursday for Senior Night.